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Noise Therapy: Session 001

I’ve started up the old “Noise Session” thing again, under a new name, and on YouTube this time. I know, it sucks, but it works. 🙂 I probably won’t be able to do these weekly like before, but I will try to keep them semi-regular.

I’ll be trying some different things, for example the video is just the visuals this time, with a screenshot posted here of the setup used. I might change that up. As usual, though I lack the bandwidth to do an actual live stream, this was recorded “live,” in one take.

As for details on what was used: Plogue’s Bidule was the DAW/host, and Glitch Machines‘ Palindrome and my recent Reaktor creation Loid’s Cousin were the sound sources there. These were joined by the hardware Loid and a feedback loop run out through a set of outputs on my audio interface to a channel on my mixer and back in through a pair of inputs. The mixer has another feedback loop set up with the old “delay send returned to a mixer channel” trick, and the PC feedback is being processed with that and other hardware fx. A bunch of fx plugins and Bidule processing are also in use, see the screenshot for details.

Noise Therapy: Session 001

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