Lunetta modules

From Castle Rocktronics on Hackaday: “Steve Lunetta was a man I never met but who seems cool who was really interested in abusing CMOS logic chips to make sounds from them. It turns out this is a really great way to have a lot of fun making a horrible racket without spending much money. If you want 1V/Octave tracking, temprature compensation and other things that make tonal music possible, you are going to be dissapointed. If you want to make sounds like a dying cyborg trapped in a meat grinder then you are in the right place!”

These are a few of the circuits in my Lunetta-style modular, which I call Loid (short for Lunettoid). I also got a lot of other ideas from the Lunetta forum at Note that these are actually kind of fancy for Lunetta modules, and several of my most-used “modules” are literally just the chips with power run to them and the pins wired to connectors.





Pulse extractor


guided tour of the Lunettoid synth- overview

A quick overview of my Lunetta-inspired modular noisemaker, as of 10/18/2010.

bleeps from Loid, a Lunetta-inspired noise synth

Second video of the growing Lunettoid DIY noise synth (Loid for short). More details at my blog: