After way too much time away from electronics, I finally have something new to share. NANDulator is a simple but fun noisemaker based around two CMOS chips. Check out the demo video below, and have a look at the dedicated page for more info and a schematic.

NANDulator: a wonky, lo-fi DIY noise synth

NANDulator is a simple, lo-fi, CMOS-based noisemaker synth. It uses two IC’s, a CD4093 (quad NAND gate) and a CD4046 (VCO/phase-locked loop), and a handful of passive components. I think it’s simpl…

Companion remix EP for the album Coming Through. Features remixes of Deep In by C2 vs and Default Media Transmitter, as well as a few other remixes/alternate versions of tracks from the album, and more great cover art from Yoni Den!

Available now as a PWYW download from Bandcamp and the FSA Faircamp.

“Benjokrellian” — this one is a blend of the Benjolin concept and elements of a Krell patch. VCV patch available here.

Noise Therapy: Session 069

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