Audio Freeware Feature: Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury (Win/Mac, VSTi/AU) – Steemit

Audio Freeware Feature: Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury (Win/Mac, VSTi/AU) This is the first in a new series of articles I’ll be doing on various freeware audio programs, which I plan to do once per month in place of a second “Obscure Audio Software” article.

Audio demo referenced in the article:

Another installment of Obscure Audio Software:

Obscure Audio Software: Xenakios Hourglass (freeware granular audio processor for Windows) – Steemit

In this installment of Obscure Audio Software, we step away from the modular stuff to examine Hourglass, a fun (and free) granular audio processor. This is a standalone-only program, though it can load VST plugins. Main screen with a VST automation envelope visible Hourglass is more of a single-purpose type of program than the things I’ve previously covered here.

A “how-to” video on using feedback loops in Reaper:

Fun with feedback loops in Reaper – Steemit

In this video, I show you how to use feedback loops in the Reaper DAW, and cover some of the possibilities. This video… by fstateaudio

You can grab the project file here:

Note that this doesn’t include the sample used in the video, just load any sample into the ReaSamplomatic in the track labeled “snare”.

I’ve decided to start writing a series of articles about obscure audio software on Steemit, first up is Bidule.

Obscure Audio Software: Plogue Bidule – Steemit

This will be an ongoing series of articles, though I’m thinking it might only be every other week or so, since there’s only so many obscure bits of audio software out there worth talking about, and in the case of things I may not be familiar with, I want to have some time to get into it.