Companion remix EP for the album Coming Through. Features remixes of Deep In by C2 vs and Default Media Transmitter, as well as a few other remixes/alternate versions of tracks from the album, and more great cover art from Yoni Den!

Available now as a PWYW download from Bandcamp and the FSA Faircamp.

From Bonk Knob Records:

A compilation of Electronic Music which is or is not BonkWave

What is Bonk Wave? What is not Bonk Wave? What does Bonk Wave mean to you? Does it matter?

If these are questions you can or cannot answer, then perhaps this compilation is for you! Whether you are Bonk Wave Hard or just Bonk curious, every bonker from the Fresh Bonk to the Old Bonk Head will find something to enjoy on this collection of eclectic creativity

Includes the Fugue State track “Casting,” an exclusive track for this compilation, which was created largely from samples of a cast iron pan being hit with a wooden spoon.