This isn’t really audio-related, but I figure there’s likely to be some crossover between folks who like what I do here, and folks who are into this kind of thing: I recently had a piece selected for a glitch art exhibition taking place this coming September, called Glitch Art is Dead.

Glitch art is dead

Glitch art is dead, Granite Falls, MN, United States. 3,538 likes · 21 talking about this. Glitch art is dead project is an attempt to find the place for digital art in the material world and to…

If this kind of thing does interest you, you may also like to check out my DeviantArt page. I haven’t been posting there much lately, but there is more stuff on the way.

Spectral Lemuring, a lo-fi spectral processing/pitch-shifting effect, has been released (Windows 64, VST3, free/donationware). You can hear an audio demo and download it at its dedicated page here.

If you remember Spectral Monkeyage, it’s kinda like that, and (as the name implies) is created as a sort of nod in the direction of that “classic” plugin from Shiny FX. It isn’t meant to be a direct remake or anything, but uses some similar concepts, and may fill a similar niche in one’s arsenal. Note that I have no affiliation with Shiny FX (the developer of Spectral Monkeyage), and this is only inspired by the namesake.

VST and VST3 are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies AG

FourHead screenshot

FourHead was developed for the 2021 KVR Developer Challenge, which is currently in the voting stage. It isn’t really a delay or granulator, though it lives in that realm. It’s based on an audio buffer which constantly records the input in chunks. This buffer is then read by four “play heads” which play it back as looped segments.

More info can be found on the VST page or the product page at KVR, where it can also be downloaded.

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