Another one made with the free Eurorack simulator VCV Rack. The patch used is available below (and on the synth patches page). The video was once again generated with MilkDrop via the Shpeck plugin in foobar2000.

Therapy 010 VCV Rack patch

Noise Therapy: Session 10

More fun with VCV RackAnother one made with the free Eurorack simulator VCV Rack: patch used is available from the FSA website, link b…

Several years back, I released a VSTi called “Noisebot” under the “synthgeek” name. It was built in SynthEdit in the pre-64 bit days, so has become outdated.  SE can do 64-bit now, but Noisebot relied on some custom modules that aren’t available for the new version. I’ve been missing this one, so I decided to try to recreate it in Reaktor, with some success. There are some differences between this and the old version, but it does the same kinds of noisy things. You can find it on the Reaktor page here, or at NI’s Reaktor User Library.