Thanks to @falseyedols on Steemit, I learned of a WordPress plug-in called Steempress, which lets you publish WP posts to the Steem blockchain. While I test this plug-in, I thought I would also share my thoughts so far about Steemit in general.

It was frustration with Facebook that got me looking elsewhere. Steemit may not be a replacement for FB in terms of specific features and functions, but at least it actually works most of the time, unlike FB. It doesn’t hide posts from people I follow, unlike FB. I’m also very much into the decentralization thing.

Beside all of that though, I really like the sense of community and support. It has definitely helped to renew my motivation. I’ve also made some new friends and found some great music, shouts out to @nothingbutdirt and @atomcollector for helping greatly with both of those.

It may not be perfect, but I definitely think Steemit is a step in the right direction. It’s also still pretty new, so I’m very curious to see where it might go from here.