Simultaneous Aural Detriments, Vol. 3

This is a noise compilation of sorts I took part in, organized by The Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism. The reason I say “of sorts” is because, rather than containing a bunch of individual tracks from various artists, it consists of one 15-minute track containing layers from each participant. Each artist contributed 3 minutes of audio, which could be spread across the 15-minute timeline however you wished. The other artists who contributed are Digestion Machine, Monskor, Teuthis Galore, Radioactive Wastelands, Nygatoria, SPACEGHOST, and The Dreaming Corpse.


Skin Contact – Revisionist

Contains remixes of tracks from past SC releases, plus a few previously unreleased tracks. Two of these tracks (debase and downcycle) come from deep in the vaults, around 1998.


Skin Contact – Abort, Retry, Fail

The source material used on all 3 of these tracks was the last recording made on my old PC before it died. It was a short bit of knob-tweaking from one of my DIY machines, which has been timestretched, cut up, and otherwise mangled into an EP-length collection of drones and noise.


Both of these are available as pay-what-you-want digital releases in multiple formats from the SC bandcamp page.