LiveSPICE stuff

Here are some layouts for LiveSPICE, a real-time circuit simulator. The program comes with a VST version that allows you to load circuits and run them in your host. There are limitations, such as an inability to update knobs in real time (every change triggers a recalculation that causes stutters), but it’s still cool. Even if you aren’t into electronics, there’s some classic distortion circuits included in the download, and I’m sure others like myself will add more.


LiveSPICE Fuzz Pack 1 – 3 fuzz circuits, including versions of two classic fuzzboxes and a modified version of Hemmo’s Buzz Box.

LiveSPICE Distortion Mod Pack 1 – 3 modded distortion circuits. These are edited versions of some of the circuits that come with LiveSPICE, the modifications are things that can be found easily by searching the web, nothing new or original.





LiveSPICE is a product of Dillon Sharlet