Synth patches

All sounds below are released as freeware to do with as you please, though they may not be redistributed as-is without permission. If you like and use them, please consider donating something using the button on the right, or going to the music page and purchasing or donating for something from one of my musical projects.

Hardware synth patches

K2000 patches – 20 programs created with the standard ROM waves. These programs were saved to a PC from the K2000 using Tangentcats’ freeware VAST Programmer.

VSTi patches

Meridian bank 1 – 32 patches for Tiny God’s Meridian VSTi

SQ-8L bank 1 – 128 patches for SQ-8L. Some of these were originally programmed on my ESQ-1 when I had one.

Synth 1 bank 1 – 64 patches for Synth 1.