Synth patches

All sounds below are released as freeware to do with as you please, though they may not be redistributed as-is without permission. If you like and use them, please consider donating something using the button on the right, or going to the music page and purchasing or donating for something from one of my musical projects.

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Hardware synth patches

K2000 patches – 20 programs created with the standard ROM waves. These programs were saved to a PC from the K2000 using Tangentcats’ freeware VAST Programmer.

VSTi patches

Phoebe 8k – 64 patches for Full Bucket Music’s DW-6000/8000 emulation, FB-7999.

SQuee 80 – 48 patches for Arturia’s SQ 80 V. Some of these patches were originally programmed on a hardware ESQ-1, imported to SQ 80 V via SysEx, and modified.

Meridian bank 1 – 32 patches for Tiny God’s Meridian VSTi

SQ-8L bank 1 – 128 patches for SQ-8L. Some of these were originally programmed on my ESQ-1 when I had one.

Synth 1 bank 1 – 64 patches for Synth 1.

VCV Rack patches

Patches for the free VCV Rack Eurorack simulator. Unless otherwise specified, these patches use only freely-available modules. The archive of patches from the Noise Therapy series has been moved to its own page here.

Samplestumbler – Randomized sample playback and noisy fx. The sample player can be pointed at any folder of samples, but you can get the ones I used here: loidloops.

Dripsonde – Noisy ambient soundscape made with a single sample of water dripping in a humidifier. Zip includes the sample used in the patch.

Sound Raider VCV – random sample playback engine based on an old Win95 program. Demo’s sample set here: fsa-radioset

Virtual Phoenix 1 – VCV version of my DIY hardware modular

Melodegenerator – VCV version of Slacker’s Melody Generator

3 Module Challenge patch 1 – description here

Berna3 patches

Patches for Giorgio Sancristoforo’s early electronic music studio simulation, Berna3.

Test Equipment Technoid