This one is just Plugin Boutique’s Radio plugin being fed into “Autophage” random audio buffer recorder/players and various effects. Unfiltered Audio’s Sandman Pro and Glitchmachines‘ Fracture XY and Convex are the most important to the sound here. As usual, feedback is playing a heavy role too.

I used foobar2000 and Shpeck for the visuals here again, this time running the Winamp AVS plugin. While it can do cool visualizations, MilkDrop definitely runs better. That makes sense, as MD has been updated somewhat recently, just figured I’d mention it.

Full-size screenshot here.

Several years back, I released a VSTi called “Noisebot” under the “synthgeek” name. It was built in SynthEdit in the pre-64 bit days, so has become outdated.  SE can do 64-bit now, but Noisebot relied on some custom modules that aren’t available for the new version. I’ve been missing this one, so I decided to try to recreate it in Reaktor, with some success. There are some differences between this and the old version, but it does the same kinds of noisy things. You can find it on the Reaktor page here, or at NI’s Reaktor User Library.