The latest edition of Obscure Audio Software:

Obscure Audio Software: Monocasual Laboratories Giada (free, cross-platform loop machine) – Steemit

In this edition of Obscure Audio Software, we’ll be taking a look at a free and open-source loop machine called Giada that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux called Giada. The developers call it “your hardcore loop machine” and describe it as “a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians”.

A little something created with an Android app:

Fugue State – Nanolooping (dsound exclusive) – Steemit

Just a little ditty I put together for fun in the Nanoloop app for Android. Uses only the synths, though Nanoloop can also use samples. If you’re not familiar, it’s a relatively simple (but fun) tracker-type sequencer with built-in synths and a sampler and a chiptune feel (it started as a GameBoy thing).

Fugue State Audio – Monday Night Noise Sessions 009 – Steemit

Welcome to the latest episode of Monday Night Noise Sessions! Back to no drums again for this one. Lots of feedback action in this one, from both hardware and software. I think some of the coolest sounds in this one come from the VSTi that is shown on-screen, Glitch One MB from DashSignature (which seems to be no longer available, unfortuneately).

Thanks to @falseyedols on Steemit, I learned of a WordPress plug-in called Steempress, which lets you publish WP posts to the Steem blockchain. While I test this plug-in, I thought I would also share my thoughts so far about Steemit in general.

It was frustration with Facebook that got me looking elsewhere. Steemit may not be a replacement for FB in terms of specific features and functions, but at least it actually works most of the time, unlike FB. It doesn’t hide posts from people I follow, unlike FB. I’m also very much into the decentralization thing.

Beside all of that though, I really like the sense of community and support. It has definitely helped to renew my motivation. I’ve also made some new friends and found some great music, shouts out to @nothingbutdirt and @atomcollector for helping greatly with both of those.

It may not be perfect, but I definitely think Steemit is a step in the right direction. It’s also still pretty new, so I’m very curious to see where it might go from here.

Audio Freeware Feature: Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury (Win/Mac, VSTi/AU) – Steemit

Audio Freeware Feature: Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury (Win/Mac, VSTi/AU) This is the first in a new series of articles I’ll be doing on various freeware audio programs, which I plan to do once per month in place of a second “Obscure Audio Software” article.

Audio demo referenced in the article: