New EP! These tracks have actually been finished since before the release of the last skin contact album, but I was sitting on them in the hopes of putting together a full-length album. It’s been almost a year now though, and it doesn’t look like that’s likely to happen. So, when the offer came from Meagan J to do a release on Degenerate Trifecta, I thought about it, and with some encouragement, decided to do an EP now rather than let another year go by.

Thanks to Meagan, and everyone who listens and supports!


Digital maxi-single for “Towards A Bright Future”, from the upcoming Skin Contact album, Machine Intelligence. Features remixes of 2 other tracks by Natalia Zombie of the Radioactive Wastelands Netlabel, plus an instrumental mix of the title track, and a bonus noise piece.

This is perhaps notable as the first SC track to be finished and released with vocals. There will be a couple more on the album as well.


Simultaneous Aural Detriments, Vol. 3

This is a noise compilation of sorts I took part in, organized by The Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism. The reason I say “of sorts” is because, rather than containing a bunch of individual tracks from various artists, it consists of one 15-minute track containing layers from each participant. Each artist contributed 3 minutes of audio, which could be spread across the 15-minute timeline however you wished. The other artists who contributed are Digestion Machine, Monskor, Teuthis Galore, Radioactive Wastelands, Nygatoria, SPACEGHOST, and The Dreaming Corpse.

Skin Contact – Revisionist

Contains remixes of tracks from past SC releases, plus a few previously unreleased tracks. Two of these tracks (debase and downcycle) come from deep in the vaults, around 1998.

Skin Contact – Abort, Retry, Fail

The source material used on all 3 of these tracks was the last recording made on my old PC before it died. It was a short bit of knob-tweaking from one of my DIY machines, which has been timestretched, cut up, and otherwise mangled into an EP-length collection of drones and noise.

Both of these are available as pay-what-you-want digital releases in multiple formats from the SC bandcamp page.