Freeware Features

A series of reviews/articles on various audio freeware.

FF: Bespoke Synth (Mac/Win/Linux)

FF: Plogue Sforzando (Mac/Win, VSTi/AU/RTAS/AAX)

FF: Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury (Mac/Win, VSTi/AU)

Obscure Audio Software

A series of articles about lesser-known audio software.

OAS: Hermann Seib’s VSTHost (Win)

OAS: Michael Klingbeil’s SPEAR (Mac/Win)

OAS: Monocasual Laboratories Giada (Mac/Win)

OAS: Xenakios Hourglass (Win)

OAS: Wren (Win)

OAS: Plogue Bidule (Mac/Win)


Other stuff.

Bandcamp Sold To Songtradr, Now What?

A Free Windows-Based Software Studio, 2021 Update

The Union Of Musicians And Allied Workers Seeks Justice At Spotify – on Medium