Synth/FX DIY

The schematics here are free to use and modify however you see fit, though permission is not given to use them in a commercial product. Obviously, some of this stuff can’t be claimed by anyone (the NAND synth, for example, is using common-knowledge techniques)… all I’m saying is, don’t be a jerk.

Sallen-Key LDR VCSVF – simple +/-12V, 12dB/oct filter with voltage-controlled cutoff via homemade Vactrols

Modutronic Messmaker – lo-fi AM/FM noisebox

TrigPulser Mini – CMOS NAND synth

Lunetta Modules – various CMOS logic-based synth modules

ReMock+ – op amp distortion based on MockMan pedal.

More stuff at the archived version of my old blog.

Circuit-bending projects

Kawasaki toy keyboard

Circuit-bent purple Kawasaki toy keyboard

A crappy video of my latest bending project: a purple Kawasaki toy keyboard.


Kawasaki toy drums

circuit bent Kawasaki Mega Deluxe toy drum pad

I added a pitch knob and 1/4″ line out jack. This video just shows the drum sounds and some of the included loops. Towards the end, it also shows the flangin…