Synth/FX DIY

The schematics here are free to use and modify however you see fit, though permission is not given to use them in a commercial product. Obviously, some of this stuff can’t be claimed by anyone (the NAND synth, for example, is using common-knowledge techniques)… all I’m saying is, don’t be a jerk.

Sallen-Key LDR VCSVF – simple +/-12V, 12dB/oct filter with voltage-controlled cutoff via homemade Vactrols

Modutronic Messmaker – lo-fi AM/FM noisebox

TrigPulser Mini – CMOS NAND synth

Lunetta Modules – various CMOS logic-based synth modules

ReMock+ – op amp distortion based on MockMan pedal.

More stuff at the archived version of my old blog.

Circuit-bending projects

Kawasaki toy keyboard

Circuit-bent purple Kawasaki toy keyboard

A crappy video of my latest bending project: a purple Kawasaki toy keyboard.


Kawasaki toy drums

circuit bent Kawasaki Mega Deluxe toy drum pad

I added a pitch knob and 1/4″ line out jack. This video just shows the drum sounds and some of the included loops. Towards the end, it also shows the flanging effect that happens when you repeatedly trigger the same sound. I’m not sure if it’s a feature or defect, but it is pretty cool.