Free VST Plugins

All plugins below are released under a freeware license, as-is, and may be used without restriction in personal or commercial projects. See included documentation for details.

SynthEdit Stuff

These are Win64-only VST3 plugins made with SynthEdit.

NANDroid (synth)

NANDroid screenshot
NANDroid is a fairly simple noisebox synth based loosely on a module I built for my hardware Lunetta-style modular (TrigPulser). The original circuit is nothing all that special, but it is good at making fun noises. The basic idea is four squarewave oscillators feeding NAND gates, with those gates then feeding another gate.

There are some similarities between this and the TrigPulser section of my “Loid’s Cousin” ensemble for Reaktor, because they’re based on the same circuit, but NANDroid takes the idea in a slightly different direction with stuff like LFO’s and a filter.


Audio demos:

Demo 1:

Demo 2:


Installer (zipped .exe, automatic installation of presets etc.)

No installer (.zip only, manual installation)

Shapeulator (synth)

Shapeulator screenshot

Shapeulator is essentially the product of a modular patching session, and a desire to have the core setup used available for further sound design fun. At the most basic level, it is a subtractive synthesizer, with some additional features that make it especially useful for certain types of pads, fx sounds, and synthetic percussion.

The main features that separate Shapeulator from other analog-style subtractive synths are the waveshaper oscillator and resonator. The waveshaper oscillator is a fairly standard VA osc with a waveshaper that is controlled by another oscillator. This second oscillator can be modulated independently, and creates a sound something like amplitude modulation. The resonator is a stereo bank of tuned delays with feedback, which can also be modulated.


Audio demos:

Demo 1 (percussive sounds):

Demo 2 (pads):

Demo 3 (fx sounds):


Installer (zipped .exe, automatic installation of presets etc.)

No installer (.zip only, manual installation)


FourHead (effect)

FourHead screenshot

FourHead is not really a delay or granulator, though it lives in that realm. It is based on an audio buffer which constantly records the input in chunks. This buffer is then read by four “play heads” which play it back as looped segments. The length of the chunk to be played back is set independently from the length of the recorded buffer, and the pitch and start offset for each “head” can be modulated (the playback on 3 of the 4 heads can also be delayed), creating odd retriggering arpeggiations and granular-style swarms of sound. The output can also be fed back to the record buffer for endless noisy fun.

FourHead was developed for the 2021 KVR Developer Challenge.


Audio demos:

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:

Download here. (link takes you to the product/download page at KVR)


Spectral Destroyer (effect)

Spectral Destroyer screenshot

Spectral Destroyer is an audio-mangling/FSU plugin designed around spectral processing. It uses pitch-shifting and delay to do what it does, but isn’t really designed to be either of those things. It is designed more for audio destruction and feedback effects.

Audio demos:

The examples below include a dry version of the sound to be processed, then a somewhat processed version, and finally a mangled version with lots of feedback.

Drum loop demo:

Synth demo:




FSA plugins made with SynthEdit make use of modules from the following developers:

RoyTech (Lee Loque)


Time Domain Modules


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