FlowStone Modules

All modules below are released as freeware to do with as you please, though they may not be redistributed as-is without permission. If you like and use them, please consider donating something using the button on the right, or going to the music page and purchasing or donating for something from one of my musical projects.

FSA FlowStone module pack 1

Includes the following:

  • 8x8matrixmixer – is what it says
  • foldback – a foldback distortion
  • kblinimpsvf1 – a linear “implicit” 2-pole SVF
  • lorenzosc – random osc based on Lorenz equation
  • mdspshapers1 – port of some MDSP waveshapers from the DSP source code archive
  • quiksine1 – fast sine approximation
  • rectosnort1 – octave-up fuzz thing
  • sinxapprox – approximation of sin(x)
  • slimfat – another waveshaper

More info is included in each module’s .fsm file. Note that several of the above modules are ported from open source code. Credit is given where appropriate.


Flowstone is a trademark of DSP Robotics.