In light of Bandcamp’s uncertain future and the new ownership’s labor practices, I have decided to go back to self-hosting my music. The new shop is online at, and contains all releases from Skin Contact, Fugue State, and BBBG.

The Bandcamp pages will also be left up for now, but use of the new Faircamp shop is highly encouraged (and as a bonus, uses a “soft” paywall, making all downloads PWYW/donationware).

There will be a (hopefully) brief interruption of service for the FSA website as I upgrade my hosting plan. The interruption will take place on Oct 28 at 12 AM Mountain Time (GMT-6). This is being done in preparation for going back to self-hosting my music, in light of recent shenanigans at Bandcamp.

Some 13 years later, I’ve done a little revision to the Modutronic Messmaker circuit schematic. The Messmaker was intended to be a “beginner” build, and this new revision removes some complexity (and cost). The original version is also still available here and from a link on the page.

The original version includes a direct output from the 555, as well as inputs for the LM567 AM and the 555 CV in. My original thought was that these would be cool features for a beginner’s circuit, giving one easy access to some modular-style interconnectivity. However, all these years later, even I have rarely used these features. The quick & dirty nature of this circuit also means they don’t work the way one might expect with other modular stuff, which has become more common.