All sounds below are released as freeware to do with as you please, though they may not be redistributed as-is without permission. If you like and use them, please consider donating something using the links on the right or going to the music page and purchasing something from one of my musical projects.


coffeekit – 31 percussion sounds made from coffee-related items

Poly 800 percs – 17 synthetic percussion sounds from the Korg Poly-800 MkII

TR-66 abuse – 18 sounds from a circuit-bent Roland TR-66 drum machine

Sound FX

HS-60 fx – 11 fx sounds from a Roland HS-60 (Juno 106)

Kurzweil FX 1 – 3 fx sounds from the K2000

Lunettoid pack 1 – 13 various sounds from a Lunetta-style modular synth

Lunettoid pack 2 – 5 longer sounds from a Lunetta-style modular synth

Messmaker samples 1 – 13 sounds from the Modutronic Messmaker noisebox synth

Purple Kawasaki toy – 13 sounds from an unnamed purple circuit-bent Kawasaki toy keyboard

Sorry pawn – 13 sounds from a circuit-bent Sorry board game accessory

TrigPulser Mini samples – 17 sounds from the TrigPulser Mini lo-fi CMOS DIY synth

Big Bowl pack – 16 samples taken from a recording of various things being done to a large metal bowl, made using a contact mic- some percussive sounds also

Pickup coil pack 1 – 9 samples taken with pickup coils of electromagnetic fields from various devices

Pickup coil pack 2 – 11 more samples of electromagnetic fields from various devices

Found Sounds, Nature

Boiler pack – 4 samples of water boiling in a large pot, 2 of which include loop points

Outdoor sounds 1 – 6 samples of outdoor sounds (running water, birds)

Outdoor sounds 2 – 4 more samples of outdoor sounds (waterfalls, insects, birds)

Ice pack – 2 longish samples of water running underneath the ice of a creek with a small waterfall

Waterfall pack – 2 longish samples of a waterfall

Wildlife pack 1 – longish samples of birds, insects w/frogs, and a barking coyote – NEW 08/10/23


percfx-loops pack 1 – 8 loops in 4 bpm’s

percfx-loops pack 2 – 8 more loops in 4 bpm’s

Decent Sampler Instruments

These are full Decent Sampler format sample sets, which take advantage of format-specific synthesis and UI capabilities.

Screenfield – based on a tuned and resynthesized recording of EMF from an LCD monitor recorded with pickup coils. Multisamples also available below as “LCD Screen.”


These are just mapped multisamples in SFZ and Decent Sampler formats, with no additional programming to take advantage of format-specific capabilities.

Note: sample sets uploaded before April 2023 contained only the SFZ format mapping file. If you already have these files and want to be able to load them into Decent Sampler without downloading the samples themselves again, you can download this zip file, which contains only the DS mapping files for the sample sets.

Air bass

Attack pad

Juno hollow pad

Juno mixsweep pad

SQ Synpiano

Direct bass resynth

FM detune bass







Rung Piano

LCD Screen

CZ Bass 1NEW 01/22/24

CZ Bass 2NEW 01/22/24

CZ Synthy EPNEW 01/22/24