Reaktor stuff

Ensembles and stuff for Native Instruments Reaktor. Everything below is also available from the Reaktor User Library.


Particul – Yet another noisebox/sound generator

Particul screenshot

Particul (Reaktor synth) Demo

Particul is a noisebox/sound generator with two noisy random-ish sources, each with lowpass and bandpass filters, which can then be run through a frequency s…

Noisebot RKV – Another noisemaker, this one based around a Lorenz oscillator.

Noisebot screenshot

Noisebot RKV (Reaktor synth) Demo

This is a noisebox/sound generator based on an older VSTi released under the “Synthgeek” name some years ago (RKV = ReaKtor Version). There are some differen…

Loid’s Cousin – A noisebox/sound generator based on Lunetta concepts.


Loid’s Cousin (Reaktor synth) Demo

“Loid’s Cousin” is a noisebox/sound generator based on concepts from my DIY Lunetta modular, complete with blinkenlichten. Lunettas are simple machines based…

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