Reaktor stuff

Ensembles and stuff for Native Instruments Reaktor. Everything below is also available from the Reaktor User Library.



AMOTA – A filter/distortion/mangler effect

AMOTA screenshot



AMOTA (Reaktor FX) Demo

AMOTA is a filter/distortion/mangler effect based mostly on amplitude modulation and analog-style filters. It is essentially the filter and most of the modulation sections from Noisebot RKV ( as an effect processor with a couple extra toys. Available from the FSA website and the Reaktor User Library: Thanks for checking it out!


Particul – Yet another noisebox/sound generator

Particul screenshot

Particul (Reaktor synth) Demo

Particul is a noisebox/sound generator with two noisy random-ish sources, each with lowpass and bandpass filters, which can then be run through a frequency shifter and delay. You can download Particul from the Reaktor User Library: Cheers!

Noisebot RKV – Another noisemaker, this one based around a Lorenz oscillator.

Noisebot screenshot

Noisebot RKV (Reaktor synth) Demo

This is a noisebox/sound generator based on an older VSTi released under the “Synthgeek” name some years ago (RKV = ReaKtor Version). There are some differences, but like the original, it’s built around a Lorenz Strange Attractor as a sound source.

Loid’s Cousin – A noisebox/sound generator based on Lunetta concepts.


Loid’s Cousin (Reaktor synth) Demo

“Loid’s Cousin” is a noisebox/sound generator based on concepts from my DIY Lunetta modular, complete with blinkenlichten. Lunettas are simple machines based on CMOS chips, generally using square waves as sound sources and using various logic operations and such to process them into a cacophony of random beeps, bloops, and noise.

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