VCV Rack patch: Melodegenerator

An attempt to recreate Slacker’s Melody Generator in VCV Rack. Since I couldn’t find a module that works like the 4051 as a demuxer,* I finagled a workaround of sorts that seems to provide similar audio results, at the cost of more complexity. In fact, there are really 2 finagled solutions here, one of which is the 4019/DAC combo, which could be removed for a more “pure” solution.

The patch can be found here, and comes with a text file that lists the modules used.

VCV Rack – Melodegenerator

A Lunetta-inspired patch, attempting to recreate the Slacker Melody Generator circuit. The original schematic can be found here:…

* Note: I’m not necessarily saying such a module doesn’t exist, just that I couldn’t find it if it does– feel free to get in touch if you know of one.

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