An attempt to recreate Slacker’s Melody Generator in VCV Rack. Since I couldn’t find a module that works like the 4051 as a demuxer,* I finagled a workaround of sorts that seems to provide similar audio results, at the cost of more complexity. In fact, there are really 2 finagled solutions here, one of which is the 4019/DAC combo, which could be removed for a more “pure” solution.

The patch can be found here, and comes with a text file that lists the modules used.

VCV Rack – Melodegenerator

A Lunetta-inspired patch, attempting to recreate the Slacker Melody Generator circuit. The original schematic can be found here:…

* Note: I’m not necessarily saying such a module doesn’t exist, just that I couldn’t find it if it does– feel free to get in touch if you know of one.

Been working on something here… this synth uses a non-standard sort of waveshaping/distortion to generate sounds. As with most FSA stuff, the sounds it makes can be pretty ugly. The waveshaping bit can produce aliasing, and no effort has been made to prevent that. Most of the rest of the synth will be familiar to anyone who has used subtractive synthesis: envelopes, filters, etc. The one other novel thing about this unit (to be called the “Shapeulator”) is that there is a resonator before the filter. The resonator uses tuned delays to bolster the sound, and these delays can be modulated to produce chorusing sorts of sounds and other things. Here’s a little sound demo:

Join my Patreon if you would like early access. The synth is mostly done, just needs the GUI finished and presets made. I will be putting an early version without these things up for patrons.