Trying out a new toy in this one, a free/donationware modular host called Bespoke Synth.


Bespoke is a software modular synthesizer. It contains a bunch of modules, which you can connect together to create sounds. Bespoke is like a DAW* in some ways, but with less of a focus on a global timeline. Instead, it has a design more optimized for jamming and exploration.

I’m enjoying it very much. 🙂 The audio here is all coming from two recordings of native New Zealand birds called Tuis, which make really cool sounds. I grabbed samples of the audio from an Instagram post by a friend of my wife (the post seems to be gone now).

Most of the processing is being done with Bespoke’s built-in modules, messing with playback speed and position, and adding some stutter and delay effects. There is a VST plugin providing reverb (bx_rooMS), and another on the main stereo buss providing compression (Royal Compressor).

The video is footage from Goat Simulator, once again glitched beyond recognition with Acid Cam.

Noise Therapy: Session 012

BIRBSTrying out a new toy in this one, a free modular host called Bespoke Synth.’m enjoying it very much. 🙂 The audio here is …