Latest episode is up on Steemit:

Fugue State Audio – Monday Night Noise Session 003 – Steemit

Welcome to the latest edition of Monday Night Noise Sessions! This one links back to another post I made recently, in which I used databending to process a photo into glitch art, see Rorschach on Acid. The process involved converting the original image into raw data and importing it into Sound Forge for processing with audio effects.

A “how-to” video on using feedback loops in Reaper:

Fun with feedback loops in Reaper – Steemit

In this video, I show you how to use feedback loops in the Reaper DAW, and cover some of the possibilities. This video… by fstateaudio

You can grab the project file here:

Note that this doesn’t include the sample used in the video, just load any sample into the ReaSamplomatic in the track labeled “snare”.

Second episode of Monday Night Noise Sessions is up on DLive:

Fugue State Audio – Monday Night Noise Session 002 – Steemit

Second episode of Monday Night Noise Sessions, recorded “live”, no editing (I lack the bandwidth to do a proper live stream). Audio is a mix of hardware and software. Video is an OBS screen capture of the program I was using to generate/process the sound (Plogue’s Bidule), with VSXu providing additional visuals.